4 March 2010

A question for professional artists

Dear friends! I have an important question for those who have experience with the inside murals.

I am thinking about putting up a mural on the baby room wall, a scene from this cartoon

Who has an idea of what type of paint should I use for this mural? As Bella might remember, I have some experience with drawing on the walls ( ;-) ), only with charcoal, not paint.

Thanx in advance!

(I am ready to make and put up a new header on my blog! Spring is almost here!!)


  1. Hi Natalie
    I've done lots of murals, mostly for babies and kids. I always just use regular acrylic craft paints for the smaller details and just regular wall paint that you buy at paint stores for the bigger parts. It has always worked out great. Best of luck!

  2. Hahahahaha, yes, I remember!

    How are you feeling? I hope everything is going well. You know, I looked for that book I wanted to give you, but I must have already given it away. :( Sorry. I don't know much about wall murals, but I will ask Linda Cardina (http://lindacardina.blogspot.com/) to stop by and give you some tips. She does fantastic murals!

    This is going to look so adorable!

  3. hi natalie, bella sent me over to your blog to help u out with your question. i've painted MANY murals and have aways used acrylic craft paints... u can purchase them at any craft store, michaels, acmoore...etc. hope that helps! let me know if u have any other questions.


  4. Hi girls! Thank you all so much for your input and ideas! It's official, i am going with acrylic paint!

    Bella, I couldn't figure out how to post a comment on your blog, somehow that option was disabled for me, but I gotta say "thanks" for the referral and don't worry about the book!

    I have signed up for this online LJ community with about 10000 pregnant women sharing experiences and ideas. They've been really helpful :)

    I am so excited! We have gone for the first ultrasound already and got the first photo of the baby inside! OH MY!!! It is so cute!!!! I can't believe I am carrying something so alive and so fragile inside me... I eat so many fruits, that baby better the healthiest baby ever.

    cheers! hugs and kisses ya'll...

  5. squeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalll!!!

  6. Baby inside! Baby inside! SO EXCITING! That's such an awesome experience. I'm so happy for you. Hope you're feeling alright through it all. I swear I ate nothing but fruit when I was pregnant. Now my son eats...nothing but fruit. :)

    Show us the sketches for the mural!!!!


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