16 July 2009

Ice cream...

We are lucky today... Rather hot outside, with promises of more clouds and even rain later on...

I am into drawing girls :)

Here is a funny story. I posted 3 pictures for sale on ebay. They were not selling and I stopped checking, hoping to receive email notification if they sell.

And then forgot.

And then 7 days later I found out that I need to send a quote to the buyer!!!! OMG!

I sent invoices. I meant to give the guy a shipping discount and instead of discounting, I accidentally double charged him for shipping.

I sent him 2 apologizing messages, but he has not replied yet :)

What a mess..


  1. Cool that you sold one! That must feel good.

    As long as you reimburse him for the $, he should understand. At least, that would be reasonable...not that all people are reasonable to begin with.

    Oh, and hooray for ice cream!

  2. whoops and congratulations!
    This ice-cream eating girl is one hot sassy chick

  3. well, girlz, here's an update
    after probably a dozen of messages, i was finally able to cancel the ebay invoices and re-send them from paypal directly. he paid and i sent him 3 pictures that he bought + this one (the ice cream girl)

    i hope he receives them all right
    i don't really need any more hassle :)

    but i enjoyed selling on ebay
    i think i can do it again. just need to buy some proper paper


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