1 July 2010

Coo Coo sketches

Coocoo's face is very funny. She always looks very surprised and at the same time almost upset. I tried taking her picture with my camera, but every time camera clicks, Coocoo squints and that funny look disappears. I tried sketching her, but she moves too much, and I can't catch that funny expression. She doesn't move though when she stares through the windows, or lounges on the floor. So that's what I sketch...

Ehh.... and yes, she is a fatso :))

Here is the original :)


  1. AWWW! ADORABLE! HAHAHAHA!!! She is one very well-loved and wonderful cat.

    Your floors are nice and shiny!

  2. ha ha, thanx for the floors! i wanted to say, that they are shiny, because she polishes them, by laying everywhere, but then.. let's be honest, she makes more dust than polish. i have to clean the floors every day.

  3. these are really lovely drawings they look just like your fluffy kitty

  4. fluffy she is! thanx Amy!


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