30 December 2009

2010 year of Tiger

Here is a tiger. I drew it yesterday in Photoshop.
I wanted to make a card out of it, but words just seem out of place here.  I want all attention to be on the tiger.

Happy New Year!


  1. Oh wow, Dusik! You have been on a creative rampage! I think that little vacation has totally recharged you. Book me a ticket! What a fabulous, fabulous tiger. And you had me giggling with your Day for Unwrapping. Hahaha! Such a flurry of awesomeness here. Wishing you all the best in health, love, prosperity and happiness for 2010.

    ps. My mother tells me it's not only the year of the Tiger... It's the year of the WHITE Tiger. Not that you should change your drawing, because the colors are great the way they are. :)

  2. No, don't desaturate! It's an incredible painting. Really, truly impressive and beautiful. And the deeper colors in the center of his face give him wonderful depth!


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