3 December 2009

Just a girl

I started making this girl for a project, and by the time I finished, I realized that she is totally wrong for it.

But I still like the girl. So here is just a girl. For nothing.


  1. I love your illustrations. She will be totally right for something else no doubt. She is very cool in a snooty sort of way :)

  2. thanx Shaista!
    i think i have to dress her differently... hmmm. well, i just had an idea.

  3. Verrrrrrry nice!!! She looks like someone just insulted her. Boooo. Now who would do something like that to such a lovely girl? Thanks for the freebie, Dusik! She's awesome. :D

  4. she is not for nothing - she is for lovelyness, what a cute girl she is, I want her red purse.

  5. Hey Bella and Amy!
    thanx girls!
    love you :)

    (Amy, the red purse exists! i own it. yes. its one of the best things i ever got for myself with a discount. it came with a huge discount, and that was the only reason i got it.)


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