11 May 2009

Art weekend. Few more sketches

Yesterday I took my mother-in-law on a little art trip around Thornhill.

A bunch of artists and photographers agreed to invite people into their houses to look at their art and, maybe, buy some too. We didn't see all the artists' houses, but the ones that we saw I really enjoyed.

One of the artists - Gary Wein - is actually somebody I know in the real life. I asked him if he ever goes on sketching trips, and he said that not normally but it would be a good idea! So we decided to go on a hiking trip together to the Rattlesnake Point, not far from Toronto. It doesn't even have rattlesnakes, so it is safe and beautiful. I better get me some hiking sketching gear!

Then I came home and made a few more sketches of my husband, a magazine cover and just doodles.

Also, almost every day of the past week I was trying to draw a friend of mine. But I keep failing and not liking the results. She liked this one, but I know the whole face here is wrong... I better figure this out


  1. Great sketches! I like the third one, especially, with the model from the magazine. Did your husband know you were sketching him?

    Your friend's portrait! You are getting even better and better with those oil pastels! The shading of her features is very well done. Nice delicate touch, particularly around the eyes.

    My husband and I were catching up on our episodes of Heroes today. Sylar is back, cutting open the tops of people's heads. I couldn't help but think....... :o

  2. ha ha ha! cutting off people's heads remind you about me!!! yay!! LOL

    no, he didn't know. he was sleeping. and i was itching to sketch something.

    i actually switched to soft pastels now. i made another portrait, but i am not happy, it looks smudged all over, so i don't want to post it here. i am going to try and make some flowers. and then i'll post my humble pastel attempts

  3. Oh but you ARE figuring it out; it looks just like practice, practice, practice. :)

    I get too caught up in what the other person will think when I draw someone I know. I find it much easier to draw strangers who don't know I'm drawing them. But it's not the same as doing a portrait, of course.

  4. i become very shy and unsure of my drawing when somebody is looking. plus, my subway commute is too short anyways.

    i can only stick to the magazine covers for now


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