26 May 2009

My new art journal

Yesterday I had a day off. My little art journal finished, no more pages to doodle and sketch, so I went and got me a new one.

Here it is. All flowery and summery and all.

And I immediately sketched a Venice by Velasquez with my ball pen. Weird. I love sketching with ball pen, prefer it to a pencil.


  1. Oh wow! You are very good with a ball point pen, too. Really? Prefer it over pencil? Hmmmmmm.....

    Beautiful sketchbook. Perfect for summer.

    Naughty me, but I notice you got her crack in the crack on a week full of (Illustration Friday) cracks. :p

  2. I LOVE ball point doodling. Especially blue!

  3. I also meant to say I love this drawing.

    Your ball point pen sketches are so much better than mine. I like using them, but I never make it really work. Yours are lovely.

    I have a friend who does all his sketches in a carmine colored pencil and they're beautiful. I've tried, but it never comes out as lovely as his.

    I'm ok with a black felt tip, though.

  4. ha ha ha! Bella! you are a riot!
    and i've been actually thinking what to submit for this week's IF "cracked".. LOL.. do you think i should just submit this one?

    Voz, thank you so much for stopping by! i am glad you understand me with my ball pen doodling addiction :)

    i totally understand you, as i have no idea how to doodle with a felf tip.


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