23 May 2009

Edwards Gardens sketch

I went there after work with my friend. What a beautiful place! So serene, pleasant and inviting!

We sat near a stream and talked and I sketched these stones with my ball pen.

Here is what they looked like when we were leaving (I took a snap with my phone for later reference and just to show you what it really was)

I will definitely go back there with some more colorful sketching supplies. Or maybe even with an easel! I wish I had a sketching partner ...


  1. I am so impressed! Lovely penwork. It does look like a very peaceful place. All those rocks! Ces would love it. :)

  2. Dusik! You took that photo with your phone? Wow. I am impressed. I love your ballpen drawing. Very impressive. Bella is right. I would definitely love being in a place like that!

  3. than Bella! I was surprised myself, I wasn't sure whether I would be able to finish my attempt to draw so many little stones. It wasn't too bad you know, now I am looking for more :)

    Yes, Ces! My Blackberry takes sometimes pretty good pictures. Thanx Ces!


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