21 May 2009

Few more pen sketches

My mind is bubbling at work from all those repetitive tasks I have to do. Same questions, same answeres, and no way out in sight...


Anyways. Internet is still partially available to me. I cannot really browse my favorite bloggers' art, because blogspot and other blogs are blocked by the company firewall. Well, I can still browse classic art as much as I want, and recently I've been on this sketching spree, so I decided I can totally sketch classic art. I don't have to sit in a museum on a floor and do it in "the comfort" of my own cubicle.

Here are a few recent sketches.

This is just a sketch from a photo I found on the net.

Here is the original

Here are a few "good luck" charms I found on the internet. Sketched those too..

This is a "dragon jaw". Supposed to bring moneys and riches.

This one is supposed to bring positive change. Boy, do I need that!


  1. Gosh, what would I do without the internet! We have the world at our fingertips, isn't that great?!

    These are fantastic sketches. This is ball point pen? I love all the detail. I have no confidence to do pen drawings without penciling it in first.

    Thanks for your visit! We are moving on June 22 after being in Tokyo for 2 years. Before that, we lived in New York since forever. And now we are starting anew in Arizona. We already have a house there. Whew, one less thing to worry about. The girls consider themselves American, although my little one is just realizing that Arizona is indeed part of America and not another country.

    Ack! I hate moving!

  2. yeah, this is just ball pen. i am in this new stage, i want to draw with ball pen, isn't it weird?

    good luck with your moving! xoxo

  3. gorgeous - I especially love the tiger

  4. its was kinda tricky to draw his fur. but i actually enjoyed it!


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