26 May 2009

My old art journal

When my friend gave me this journal I was very excited and thankful, but had no idea what I want to do with it. And so I started doodling away, practicing drawing eyes and hair styles. And only later I decided I want to do "sketches" of the classic art and just photos from the internet. Nice practice. I finished off my old journal within a few days. Here it was:

Here is my last sketch - Adonis by Titian. I was in a pretty irritated mood, if I may say that, so I finished it off just looking forward to finish it. No heart.


  1. Holy Adonis! Where have you been hiding this DUsik?! These are excellent! WOW!!!

  2. hey, thanx Ces! well, i have not been really hiding it. i always considered this nothing special, as i always could copy pretty well.
    i guess it is creating something totally new is a challenge for me sometimes.

    but then i decided to just keep practicing, sketching, copying from the classics and this way i might learn something from them.

    it really helps me, you know. helps me understand how the pictures are built, how people are built... i can use this knowledge later

  3. OMG, DUSIK! This is incredible! So gorgeous and graceful. I love it, love it!!!! OMG, I love his torso and her back and the folds of fabric and the flowers. It looks like it has plenty of heart.

  4. Bella, darling you made me blush :) thank you for your appreciation!

    "no heart" i meant... the background.

    thanks anyways! the real painting (well, the photo of it) was just breathtaking.


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