20 May 2009

My friend's portrait

I have been trying to paint my friend's portrait for several weeks now. Or months. And I was never happy with the results.

And then I decided to go and just draw something. Paint something. And this one came out ok. I mean, a cat looks like a little daredevil, but this is funny, not bad.

Klimt always inspired me. That's Klimt background


  1. Ah, Dusik! She's beautiful! The green is wonderful and rich. Love the little kitty's face as well. This is such a lovely and graceful portrait. Is this a gift for your friend, or for yourself?

  2. well, she asked me to make a portrait of her. i tried and tried. and then it kinda happened.

    i showed it to her, but she is in russia, and i am in canada, so she can ask me to send it to her, but she hasn't yet. so maybe just on the web is fine for now.

  3. I love it! Very creative!That's actually really cool!


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