27 May 2009

Sketch of Raphael's "Pope Julius II"

I really needed to draw something last night. I felt like I wanna go and eat something, and this was right after dinner. Actually, I felt I want either eat or draw.... huh!

So I opened my book on the history of art and the random page it opened to was this portrait of Pope Julius II. This book of mine only has black and white pictures, so I tried to copy and stay as close as possible to the original. But unfortunately, the black and white version blended lots of colors together, and it looked very much different from the original.

I looked it up on the internet, and found that the original was the portrait of an old sick tired man, while on the black and white version he looked more like an angry man. At least at first.

So here is my "excuse" for my sketch not being similar to the original.

Oh! And apparently there are 2 portraits of this Pope by Raphael: one is in London, and the other one in Uffizi.


  1. He does not look angry! He looks pensive. WOW, Dusik! How the heck do you get such subtle shading on the face with ball pen?! Amazing.

  2. the subtle shading is just tiny tiny dashes. from a distance they look like shading :)

  3. these are stunning - boy can you draw!
    And with a ball pen too!!!


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