4 May 2009


So everybody is sketching... well, not like EVERYBODY everybody, but many people that i encounter on the internet. I decided to sketch too.

We went for a ride around Toronto yesterday. I sketched a bench. Not the best sketch, but we didn't have much time and I was mostly laughing rather then sketching, because my husband was sitting next to me, saying that my drawing attracts flies!!!! LOL!!!! (You know what flies are attracted to... you know.. starts with "s", and it is not "sketch")

And then we got home and I sketched tomatoes and parsley.

I can't sketch people on subway and admire those who can do that.


  1. These are wonderful sketches! I must be a fly, then. :) hahaha, I guess that's what happens when you have an artist for a husband, eh? Well, never you mind. I think they are really great!

  2. he he. Bella you are always welcome
    my husband is artistic yes. more on the music side though. also in interior design. i can't do interior design even if my life depended onit


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